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In Memoriam

Lodz Univeristy of Technology - POLAND

Prof. Izabella Krucińska

Image of Prof. Izabella Krucińska

Short CV

She was born in 1953 in Łódź. She studied at the Faculty of Textiles and in 1978 she received a master's degree in engineering. In 1982 she obtained the degree of doctor and in 1992 the degree of habilitated doctor. Titular Professor since 2003. Her scientific achievements include over 230 publications in scientific journals and books. Was a Member of the Central Committee for Degrees and Titles of the Section of Technical Sciences in years 2006-2011. In the years 2002-2008 she was the Dean of the Faculty of Materials Technology and Textile Design. She was one of the founders of the Polish Technological Platform of the Textile Industry, which supports the development of cooperation between scientific, research and development units and industry. Since 1999, she had been the head of the Department of Textile Metrology. The department has now been changed to the Institute of Material Science of Textiles and Polymer Composites. She was the promoter of 10 doctorates and the promoter of 5 habilitation theses of employees.

Field of scientific interests: textile metrology (development of methods for testing the quality of textiles) and textile materials science. Head of the accredited laboratory "Lab-tex". In the field of materials science, she had developed a number of technologies related to textile medical, hygienic and textronic products. In her scientific achievements, she worked on biodegradable polymer composites and the development of sensory textiles used in textronic products. She was a three-time winner of the "Łódź Eureka" award, including the award of this chapter for "Outstanding achievements in the field of innovative textiles". She received the Medal of the World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO in Geneve, 2002. Since 2006 Honorary Member of The Textile Institute in Manchester. In October 2022, the Elsevier Publishing House posted on the website a publicly available database of the most cited authors in the world "Updated science-wide author databases of standardized citation indicators". Among the most influential scientists in the world there are a total of 33 scientists from the Lodz University of Technology, including the Director of our Institute, prof. Izabella Krucińska.

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