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Country Croatia
Institution University of Zagreb
Faculty Faculty of Textile Technology
Address Prilaz baruna Filipovića 28a, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia

University of Zagreb

The University of Zagreb Faculty of Textile Technology is an internationally recognized educational and scientific institution and a leading national and regional institution for higher education and research in the field of textile engineering, technology and fashion design. The Faculty is recognizable for its innovations, which are the foundation for the transfer of knowledge to the economy essential for its development. Scientific and artistic research is focused on the needs of social and economic development, and the teaching process is harmonized with the needs of the labour market and the society as a whole.

The aim of the study programmes in professional, undergraduate and graduate studies is to educate competent experts in the field of textile engineering, technology and fashion design. The university postgraduate study Textile Science and Technology is performed in the area of technical sciences, the field of textile technology. Most teachers work in that area, collaborating with the teachers in the area of arts, natural sciences, humanistic and social sciences and other fields gaining synergism, strengthening interdisciplinary approach not only in teaching, but also in scientific research, artistic and professional work.

The work of the Faculty and its recognisability in the region and the world is based on 60 years of experience in textile studies at the University of Zagreb and 30 years of independent work as a constituent unit of the University of Zagreb. The further development of the Faculty and its modernization is strategically based on the dedicated work of all its employees for the benefit of our students, partners, friends and the society as a whole.

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