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Country Portugal
Institution University of Minho
Center Center for Textile Science and Technology
Address Campus de Azurém, 4800-058 Guimarães, Portugal

University of Minho

The "Center for Textile Science and Technology" (2C2T) started its activity in 1978, being the first R&D unit in Portugal specialized in the Engineering and Design of Textile Materials area. The Unit's scientific competences cover the spectrum of knowledge required to support the growing need for intensive knowledge of the textile value chain. Thus, from product design to the development of materials, optimization of technologies and processes and in relation to markets, all these activities are considered within the scope of the 2C2T.
The Unit's strategy is based on 3 aspects:
- Reinforce a research-innovation interaction to promote the creation of new products with greater generated value, helping the industry to become more competitive and sustainable
- Strengthen education with a strong science base incorporating innovative attitudes and approaches, to provide human resources with the skills to meet new industrial challenges.
- Strengthen the involvement of industrial and regional partners, exploring new opportunities.

Currently, the Center comprises 60 researchers, being 24 associate reserachers, organized into two research groups: the Fibrous Materials Engineering Group and the Fibrous Product Design group.

The ongoing research activities are integrated into three transversal R&D areas:
- Nano and Multifunctional Materials, 
- Advanced and Sustainable Technologies and Processes, 
- Product Design and Engineering. 

Protecting intellectual property and encouraging the creation of spin-offs is also considered of utmost importance. In the same period, 60 patent applications were submitted and 8 spin-offs were created: Micropolis, Weadapt, Newtextile, Ecofoot, Eco ticket, Sciencentris, To be Green, B4LOGIC.

Contact Information

  • Representative person 1: Fernando Nunes Ferreira
  • Contact email: fnunes [at]
  • Representative person 2: Andrea Zille
  • Contact email: azille [at]
  • Address: Campus de Azurém, 4800-058 Guimarães, Portugal
  • Website: