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Country Slovenia
University University of Maribor
Faculty Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Institute Institute of Engineering Materials and Design

University of Maribor

Institute of Engineering Materials and Design is working within the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and offers the following study programs:
- Professional bachelor study program: TEXTILE DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES with two modulus Materials and textile technologies and Design and product development (3 years, 180 ECTS);
- Master study program: DESIGN AND TEXTILE MATERIALS with one modulus Textile materials (2 years, 120 ECTS);
- Master study program: PRODUCT DESIGN with two modules Product Design and Textile and Fashion Design (2 years, 120 ECTS);  
- Doctoral Study Programme: DESIGN AND TEXTILE MATERIALS (3 years, 180 ECTS).

The focus of our research is the development of smart and (multi)functional textiles and composite materials for: i) active packaging, ii) medical and iii) technical/engineering applications. Research based on the horizontal integration of nano- and biotechnologies and incorporation of green sustainable economy approaches (chemical recycling of polymers and composites), finishing of aged paper artifacts for preservation of cultural heritage.

Further we development silicone-polysaccharide hybrids for medical applications, (static) production of bacterial cellulose (BC), using waste as carbon source and in situ/ex situ modification of BC membranes (with proteins, peptides, enzymes, graphene oxide) for biomedical and technical applications (e.g. as fuel cell membranes). 
Within the Research and Innovation Centre for Design and Clothing Science, we the study the phenomena related to the behaviour of textile structures under lower loads, the development of high performance smart and/or functional clothing and the ergonomics of the thermal environment, with a focus on a study of clothing comfort as a physiological response of the human body.

Members of our Institute collaborate within EU projects: i) H2020 (7 projects), ii) FP7 (2 projects), iii) ERA -NET (3 projects), iv) COST Action (6 projects), v) ERASMUS (2 projects), and vi) PRIMA (1 project). Further, we worked in 58 national and bilateral projects and in 6 student’s projects (20017-2023).

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