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Country Sweeden
Institution University of Borås
Faculty Faculty of Textiles, Engineering and Business
School The Swedish School of Textiles

University of Borås

The School of Textiles at University of Borås is a comprehensive research and education environment covering all aspects from fashion, design, textile technology, business and management. It has state-of-the art laboratories, and full-scale facilities in knitting, weaving, finishing, dyeing, coating, printing (digital inkjet, valve jet printing, screen printing and 3D printing), supercritical CO2, plasma, spray equipment, 3D bodyscanning, sewing and assembly.

In its education and research activities the School of Textiles is addressing the entire textile value chain. In an international perspective, this should be considered as exclusive.

University of Borås is active in development of advanced functional and smart textiles, company driven innovation projects, and national as well as European projects, Cost Action 17107 CONTEXT ,  and via close contacts with TEKO, the association of the Swedish Textile and Fashion industry. Smart textiles and resource-efficient textile production (lean manufacturing) are important research areas. At the Swedish School of Textiles the creativity of art is combined with the ingenuity of technology. The Swedish School of Textiles has about 1100 students.

The University of Borås / Swedish School of Textiles is an active member of AUTEX and hosts WETEAM students and WETEAM teachers and contributes to the program with state of the art courses of professors and lecturers from the Swedish School of Textiles.

Contact information

  • Representative person: Prof. Dr. Ir. V.A. Nierstrasz
  • Contact email: Vincent.Nierstrasz [at]
  • Address: Skaraborgsvägen 3, 50190 Borås, Sweden
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