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Country Serbia
Institution University of Belgrade
Faculty Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy
Department Textile Engineering Department

University of Belgrade

The Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy of the University of Belgrade is the leading and the oldest accredited high education, scientific and research institution in our country and the region in the field of chemical technologies. Department of Textile Engineering of the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy is the oldest academic educational institution in the field of textile technology in Southeastern Europe, founded in 1959. High-quality education is organized through basic, master and doctoral studies within the module Textile Engineering belonging to study program Material Engineering.

Education in undergraduate studies of Textile Engineering encompasses research of properties, methods of obtaining, production and application of textile fibres and yarns in the production of other textile materials (woven, knitted and nonwoven fabrics). Students are trained to master the technology of conventional textile production with diverse application in clothing as well as with the production of high-performance textile materials (technical textile, medical textile, protective materials, textile for military needs etc.). Substantial part of teaching activities is dedicated to the final processing of textile materials (dying, printing and finishing) as well as to the environmental aspects of textile processing and exploitation.

Scientific research of the members of the Department is conducted mainly through fundamental and applied research, as well as technology transfer, having a clear multidisciplinary character and with the ultimate goal of introducing new technologies. Actual fields of research developed at the Department are: Functionalization of cellulose materials (fibers/films/foils); Bioactive fibrous materials; Structure, properties and deformation of 2D and 3D woven fabrics; Structure, mechanical, optical and acoustic properties of knitted fabrics; Determination of the electro-physical properties of textile materials; Thermo-responsive textiles; Thermal comfort; Tactile comfort; Sorbents; Plasma modification of textiles; Material surface engineering; Functional finishing; Nanofinishing of textiles; Interactive textile materials.
The Department has been a full member of AUTEX since 1998.

Contact Information

  • Representative person: Prof. dr Maja Radetić
  • Contact email: maja [at]
  • Address: Karnegijeva 4 11120, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Website: