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Country Germany
Institution Technische Universität Dresden
Institute Institute of Textile Machinery and High Performance Material Technology
Address 01062, Dresden, Germany

Technische Universität Dresden

The Institute of Textile Machinery and High Performance Material Technology (ITM) at Technische Universität Dresden is one of the worldwide leading university research facilities in the fields of Textile and Assembly Technology. In order to successfully complete various research projects, the ITM is equipped with modern infrastructure, allowing the researchers to rapidly develop innovative technologies and products.

At the ITM, research activities are focused on machine design as well as the development of technologies and products along the entire process chain for textile high-tech applications, in addition to realizing completely automated, digitally networked and simulation based process chains in a highly efficient and sustainable manner.

The ITM is conducting comprehensive research and development activities in the fields of fiber- and textile-based high-performance materials as well as the corresponding product technologies for high-tech performance applications, such as functionally integrated lightweight structures, textile semi-finished products for biological and medical purposes, adaptive sensor-actuator-networks, integrated microsystems technology as well as reinforcement structures for construction engineering designed to meet specific requirements. Thus, the ITM contributes significantly to the economic competitiveness of the State of Saxony and its long-term development in the fields of environment and resources, mobility, health and digital communication.

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