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Country Czech Republic
Institution Technical University of Liberec
Faculty Faculty of Textile Engineering
Address Studentská 1402/2, 461 17 Liberec, Czech Republic

Technical University of Liberec

The Faculty of Textile Engineering was established in the year 1960 as the second faculty of former University and provides as the only one in Czech Republic academic education through whole textile subject. There is possible to study textile materials and technologies, clothing technologies, textile marketing and design. Faculty of Textile Engineering offers higher education in the bachelor, master, resp. follow-up master and doctoral study programs. All study programs are accredited in Czech and English language and in full-time and part-time forms.

Faculty of Textile Engineering consists of six departments. There are Department of Design, Department of Textile Evaluation, Department of Nonwovens and Nanofibrous Materials, Department of Material Engineering, Department of Clothing Technology and Department of Textile Technologies.

Faculty of Textile Engineering is active in research and development. Inventions like new technology for production of flat nanofiber textiles classify the faculty to prestigious institutes. The faculty participates in greatness on cooperation with industry and solves a lot of projects supported by various grants.

Contact Information

  • Representative person: Prof. Michal Vik, Ph.D. (Vice-dean for International Affairs)
  • Contact email: michal.vik [at]
  • Address: Studentská 1402/2, 461 17 Liberec, Czech Republic
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