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Country Australia
Institution RMIT University
Centre Centre for Materials Innovation and Future Fashion
School College of Design and Social Context - School of Fashion and Textiles

RMIT University Australia

The Centre for Materials Innovation and Future Fashion (CMIFF) is RMIT’s leading-edge textile research facility. The Centre brings together textile technology and design researchers from the School of Fashion and Textiles to explore the synergies between textile technologies, textile design and fashion design through the application of innovative developments in such areas as: protective textiles, smart textiles (wearable technologies) and Textiles for monitoring and aiding human body performance and wellbeing. CMIFF has strong expertise in the development, design, manufacture and application of textile based products and clothing for a wide range of industries and applications. Researchers develop & investigate advanced textile materials for sport performance, human protection, medical and related applications. The Centre also offers virtual product design and engineering, virtual sampling and manufacturing as particularly applicable to apparel, especially where uniquely challenging performance capabilities are required.

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