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Country Poland
Institution Lodz Univeristy of Technology
Faculty Faculty of Material Technologies and Textile Design
Address 116 Żeromskiego str., building A33, 90-924 Łódź, Poland

Lodz Univeristy of Technology

For over 70 years, the Faculty of Materials Technology and Textile Design has been contributing to the present and future high scientific and didactic position, thus strengthening the prestige of the Lodz University of Technology.
The faculty was known for a long time as the Faculty of Textiles, which began operating in 1947. 

The Faculty consists of:
• Institute of Textile Architecture
• Department of Knitting Technologies and Textile Machines
• Institute of Materials Science of Textiles and Polymer Composites
• Department of Mechanical Engineering, Technical Informatics and Chemistry of Polymer Materials.

Research is focused on the cloth, biomaterials, nanocomposites, wearable electronics or advanced human-friendly material technologies, new technologies and material innovations. Currently the Faculty employs 94 academic staff members, including 28 professors and scientists with post-doctoral degree. Faculty practices modern teaching methods including Design Thinking, PBL, flippted education. Faculty staff is active in several research networks, including: Advanced Technology Cluster Textile and Clothing Industry, Polish Technology Platform for Textile Industry, Scientific Center of Innovative Hybrid Textiles.

The Faculty's educational offer includes a three-level education system. The first degree is a 3.5-year engineering or bachelor's degree programm, the second  degree is a 1.5-year master's degree and postgraduate studies.
The Faculty offers studies in English and Polish language: Textiles, Design, Textiles and Fashion Industry and Industrial Design Engineering.

The Faculty carries out international projects as a leader:
 "Project - Product - Promotion. International Collective for Design (acr. PiCoDe)",
 "Sustainable Design and Process in Textiles for Higher Education (acr. GreenTEX)".

However, it is a partner in international projects: 
"Skills 4 Smart TCLF Industries 2030 (acr. TCLF2030)", 
"World Textile Engineering Advanced Master (acr.WE-TEAM)",
"European Digital Readiness Strategy for Clothing (acr. E-DRESS)".

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