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Country Belgium
Institution Ghent University
Faculty Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
Address Centre for Textile Science and Engineering (CTSE)

Ghent University

Ghent University was established in 1817, being over 200 years old.  It has 11 faculties, 9.000 staff members and over 43.000 students of which 11% is international. The Centre for Textile Science and Engineering (formerly the Department of Textiles) was established in 1929 and is part of the Department of Materials, Textiles and Chemical Engineering (MATCH) of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of Ghent University.

CTSE has a staff with an international and multidisciplinary background. It deals with education on Bachelor, Master (MSc. of Science in Sustainable Materials Engineering and International MSc. in Textile Engineering (WE-TEAM)) and PhD level. CTSE has been coordinating the European Master in Textile Engineering (e-Team) for about 20 years and since 2021 it has become an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree WE-TEAM. Since then, CTSE hosts the WE-TEAM students every first semester.

The major research topics that are focussed on in CTSE are Nanotechnology, Artificial Turf, Smart Textiles, Functionalisation of Textile Materials and Polymer Technology.

Apart from research and education in the broad field of polymers, textiles and fibre based structures, the Centre for Textile Science and Engineering also holds a long and strong tradition in services offered to industry and society. This way, we can also meet your needs today. You can count on an accredited lab for the testing, classification and certification of your products. It also hosts ERCAT, the European Research Centre for Artificial Turf, which is certified by FIFA, FIH and World Rugby.

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