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Country Turkey
Institution Bursa Uludag University
Faculty Faculty Of Engineering
Department Textile Engineering Department

Bursa Uludag University

Bursa Uludag University, Textile Engineering Department was established at the heart of the textile industry in Bursa as the second textile engineering department of Turkey in 1976. It aims to be a leading educational and research institution in Turkey and in the world. Up to now, over 3.500 undergraduate and over 300 graduate students have graduated from the department. Education quality of the department was accredited by MÜDEK, a member of ENAEE and Washington Accord (WA).

Our students take basic science, engineering and textile technology courses covering all fields of textile and garment technology. After the 2nd year, all students select one of four elective course modules which are yarn and fabric technology and design, fibre technology and technical textile applications, finishing technology, biotechnology and ecology and clothing technology. This amounts to 28 ECTS. Students are oriented to research activities on mainly new technological areas of textiles such as textile composites, nanotechnology, technical and medical textiles and protective textiles with two textile design courses and a final year project course. The department also offers textile engineering students double major and minor programs in mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, environment engineering and chemistry departments. Apart from theoretical teaching and laboratory practice, all students have to carry out 3 months practical training in textile industry before graduation.

A minimum of 30 percent of the total credits is taught in English, which enables the students to learn technical terminology in textile engineering area prior to their graduation.

The department also offers MSc and PhD programs since early 1980s and research activities cover all fields of textile and garment technology. As Bursa Uludag University was nominated as one of 15 research universities in Turkey, the department has a new program to focus more on research activities with a significant increase in MSc and PhD students in the coming years.

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