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AUTEX 2024 Conference

  • Liberec, Czech Republic
    AUTEX 2024
    World Conference
    17-19 June 2024
  • Organized
    TUL University
    AUTEX 2024 Conference
  • Bringing together
    academics, researchers
    and industry partners
    The AUTEX
    24rd World Conference
Czech Republic
Czech Republic<br>2024
Czech Republic<br>2024
At a glance

TUL welcomes the
AUTEX 2024 World Conference

Welcome to the official website of the AUTEX 2024 World Conference, of the Association of Universities for Textiles (AUTEX).

The event will be organized by TUL, and it will take place from 17 to 19 June 2024, at Liberec, Czech Republic. To learn more, please click the button below.

To learn more about the mission, structure, history, activities and members of AUTEX, please click the button below.

AUTEX 2024 World Conference

Quick Notes


Technical University of Liberec,
Liberec, Czech Republic


17-18-19 June 2024

Opening for abstracts/registrations

January 2024

Early bird registration deadline

1 April 2024

Deadline for abstracts

20 March 2024

Deadline for fulltexts

20 May 2024

Conference dinner date

(to be announced)

Conference dinner area

(to be announced)


(to be announced)

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Conference Topics

  • Advanced Fibres and Materials
  • Innovative Functional Textiles
  • Technical Textiles, Composites and Membranes
  • Protective Textiles
  • Medical Textiles, Tissue Engineering, Implants
  • Smart, Interactive and Multifunctional Textiles
  • Textile Processing
  • Innovative Textile Structures
  • Nanotechnology, Nanotextiles, Electrospinning
  • Biopolymers and Biotechnology
  • Surface Functionalization and Coating
  • Textile and Clothing Machinery
  • Textile Testing, Measuring Technology
  • CAD/CAE-Technology, Mass Customisation
  • Modelling and Simulation
  • Fashion – Design and Garment Industry
  • Comfort Science
  • Conservation of Textiles
  • Ecological and Environmental Textiles, Recycling and Life Cycle Analysis
  • Textile Economy, Textile Supply Chain Management
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Modern Textile Education and Training
  • Leather and shoes industry
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